April 2000
'Morgan' Reviews
The Ride Down Mt. Morgan The reviews for the Broadway premiere of Arthur Miller's 'The Ride Down Mt. Morgan' are now appearing thick and fast on the web.

Although most critics point out this is not a Miller play in the same league as 'Death of a Salesman' or 'The Price', they agree that it is Stewart's central performance of 'Lyman' that drives the play and holds the audience attention.

Links to reviews available at present:

If you want to see the play at the Ambassador Theater, you've got until July 23rd to catch it.

Tickets are priced  $55 - $65 and are available either from the box office on (212) 239 6200, or buy online at  Tele-charge

2nd X-Men Trailer on-line
Visit x-men-the-movie.com If your still sceptical about the prospect of this Summer's  X-Men movie being able to successfully transfer it's comic book characters in to boxoffice cinematic heroes, it's about time you took a look at the new trailer released at the official x-men-the-movie.com site....but be warned, the 25.3 MB download can take 1.5 hours!

The 2.5 minute trailer features Stewart as Prof. X. both on screen and in voice-over, as the background to the story is established.

Access Hollywood ran the trailer on several occasions on US TV last week, and it's due to appear in movie theatres both in the US and UK soon....

Stewart's Next Project will be....
  On Friday Patrick appeared with Arthur Miller on 'Charlie Rose' on PBS television in the US. Whilst most of the conversation revolved not unsurprisingly around the current production of RDMM and other Miller works, Patrick did speak about his next project which will be 'Boss Lear' for TNT Television.

This will be an adaptation of Shakespeare's King Lear, set on a Texas ranch in 1841. The screenplay has been written by Stephen Harrigan, author of the novel 'Gates of the Alamo'.

Stewart will co-executive produce the project with Robert Halmi Sr. of Hallmark and Turner Television, thus reuniting the successful team who brought 'A Christmas Carol' to US TV screens last December.

As yet he's not decided on whether to play one of the roles, as there is a part written for an Englishman in it......

Many thanks to Karen Rourk for spotting this.